Study Internationally

International study has become my passion within the field of college counseling because of the way it opens up the worlds of students brave enough to take that exciting leap! The first time you learned that it’s possible to complete an entire undergraduate degree abroad, your immediate thoughts might have been something along the lines of:

“Why do that when there are plenty of options in the U.S.?”

“That must cost a fortune.”

“I don’t know, it’s so far away…”

“Would professional opportunities be limited after graduating?”

“Sounds cool, but it’s probably really complicated.”

“But I don’t speak any other languages…”

If any of these questions or concerns crossed your mind, you’re not alone. That’s why it’s great to have an experienced guide (me!) support you through the process with a plan that is personalized for your interests, goals, and needs.

Imagine studying in

bristol, england

International study is approachable, transparent, and generally more affordable than U.S. colleges (in some cases a fraction of the cost). In other words, it is 100% doable for the majority of college-bound American students. Here are some things to consider:

There’s so much more to tell you– reach out to schedule a consultation with me!

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